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Three-Minute Home Security Checklist

By Travelers Risk Control

You are busy, as usual, and are heading out for the day. A quick scan of the weather shows rain in the forecast. You double back for an umbrella, scoop up your rain jacket, and turn around to nudge the door shut behind you, forgetting to lock it. Glancing back at the house, you notice the window over the sink is still open, but figure it will help cool off the house. You bypass the flyer for landscaping services tucked into the screen door handle and continue on your way down the driveway.

Does that sound like your current three-minute routine before leaving home? It can be hectic getting ready to leave the house, and a last-minute distraction might mean forgetting to properly secure your home. But these steps can be critical in deterring thieves from choosing your home as a target. Coming up with a three-minute home security checklist can help you make a habit out of some important safety practices.

Following are some SAFE steps to consider:

Secure your home: Close and lock all windows and doors, all year long. An open window might offer fresh air, but it is also an invitation. Thieves going door-to-door with flyers sometimes knock and try the door to see if it opens, giving them easy access to your home.

Arm your security system: Even if you are only running a brief errand, get in the habit of always turning on your home security system. Thieves can break in to your home in a matter of minutes, so it is always better to leave your home protected.

Follow the forecast: Check the weather forecast in advance, so you can be prepared with appropriate weather gear and leave yourself more time to focus on closing up your home.

Evaluate your exterior: Before you leave, do a quick scan of your home’s exterior, looking for flyers, newspapers, or anything else that might suggest your absence.

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